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Hamstring Strain Treatment & Prevention with Our Naperville Chiropractor

Chiropractor treating patient for a hamstring injury

As a Naperville chiropractor, Dr. Tim Erickson works with many people struggling with muscle injuries, such as a hamstring strain. This particular condition is common among his athletic patients. 

What is a Hamstring Strain? 

Your hamstring muscles run from your pelvis to just below your knee in the back of your upper leg. Their main actions are to extend the hip and flex (bend) the knee. 

Usually, when a muscle becomes pulled or injured, it's because the muscle was stretched, torqued, or otherwise overloaded while contracting. A hamstring pull or strain is common among people who do a lot of running, jumping, pivoting, or sprinting (like track athletes, basketball players, and dancers). The degree of injury can range from a mild pull to a complete tear. 

Risk factors include muscle shortening, inflexible joints, muscle imbalances or weaknesses, fatigue, over-training, and inadequate conditioning and recovery.

Signs & Symptoms of a Hamstring Strain

Most people who sustain a hamstring strain will feel a sharp "pop" in the back of their leg during physical activity. Symptoms can include:

  • Swelling 
  • Tenderness and achy pain
  • Bruising behind the knee area
  • Weakness and an inability to bear weight

The strain itself can occur in the thick muscle belly, at the junction between the muscle and tendon, or where the hamstring tendons attach to the bone. 

How Our Chiropractor in Naperville Treats Hamstring Injuries

As mentioned, many factors determine who gets hamstring injuries. Things like limited joint range of motion and muscle shortness can be addressed by our chiropractor in Naperville through corrective exercises which can help improve flexibility and muscle balance. 

Even tightness of other muscle groups, such as the hip flexors or calf muscles, can increase a person's risk for a hamstring strain because imbalances "upstream" and "downstream" from the chain can impact the kinematics of your hamstrings. This is why Dr. Tim carefully evaluates your entire body and spine so that he can identify any hidden factors which, if left unaddressed, could simply increase your risk of a recurring injury.

In addition to corrective exercises and postural screens, Dr. Tim can also help you heal from a mild to severe hamstring injury through other services such as:

  • Acupuncture: to stimulate healing via increased localized blood flow
  • Spinal adjustments: to improve alignment and trigger natural pain relief
  • Custom orthotics: to improve joint mechanics and reduce pressure on the musculoskeletal system

Do you Have a Hamstring Injury? Contact Symmetry Chiropractic & Acupuncture in Naperville

Don't ignore a hamstring strain, or else it could progress into long-term weakness and other complications! Consult with our chiropractor in Naperville IL for holistic healing by contacting Symmetry Chiropractic & Acupuncture today at 630-983-1805.

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