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Plantar Fasciitis Treatment with our Naperville Chiropractor

Man with foot pain due to plantar fasciitis in Naperville

Plantar fasciitis refers to persistent heel pain related to the fascia on the bottom of the feet. The plantar fascia is a thin ligament connecting the heel to the front part of the foot. It assists in walking by supporting the front portion of the foot and providing balance.

Unfortunately, plantar fasciitis is extremely common. These ligaments undergo lots of wear and tear, acting as shock absorbers to support your arches. Over time, excessive pressure can start to tear and damage them. The plantar fascia can then become inflamed, leading to persistent stiffness and heel pain.

What Are the Symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis?

Again, the main symptom of plantar fasciitis is pain affecting the heel. However, it can also radiate to the rest of the foot. The pain can be sharp, dull or burning.

Plantar fasciitis also tends to be worse in the morning, when you take your first steps right out of bed. Climbing stairs can pose a problem. Increased inflammation also contributes to the pain of plantar fasciitis.

Causes of Plantar Fasciitis

Persons who are overweight or pregnant are at a higher risk of plantar fasciitis. Excess weight puts added pressure on the fascia and the foot generally. Being a long-distance runner can also put pressure on this ligament, as can working in jobs in which you are on your feet for long periods of time.

Persons at the highest risk are active women and men aged 40 to 70. Existing foot issues such as high arches or flat feet can also contribute to this problem. Tightness in the Achilles tendons can also set the stage for plantar fasciitis.

Your chiropractor in Naperville IL can make an expert diagnosis and confirm if you have plantar fasciitis. An MRI or X-ray may be required.

Chiropractic Treatment For Plantar Fasciitis

Treatment for plantar fasciitis begins with reducing inflammation. This can be accomplished by applying ice and staying off your feet. Using more supportive shoes can help as well. Switching to lower impact fitness activities like swimming can also bring relief.

Your chiropractor in Naperville IL can help to relieve plantar fasciitis by addressing any alignment issues in the rest of the body that might be contributing. Adjustments to posture, spinal manipulation and other forms of chiropractic care can help to correct these issues.

Contact Our Local Chiropractor for Plantar Fasciitis Treatment Today

Your chiropractor in Naperville IL Symmetry Chiropractic is here to assist you in getting relief from plantar fasciitis pain and discomfort. Naperville chiropractor Dr. Tim Erickson, DC and the entire staff are committed to your total health and well-being. If there is an alignment issue contributing to your case of plantar fasciitis, we can help. Call us today at 630-983-1805 to schedule an appointment.

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